How to transfer or migrate large amount of images from Wordpress site to another Wordpress site with easy way? In some conditions, when we could not access website environment with FTP and SSH, webdisk from CPanel is best solution.


  • Wordpress site 1: Hosted with Cpanel with FTP Accesable
  • Wordpress site 2: Hosted with Cpanel or other Control Panel with FTP and SSH not accessable

Migrating thousands images from Wordpress Site 1 -> Wordpress Site 2

Requirement: FTP Clients Apps (ex. Filezilla, etc)

Step 1: Activate Web Disk in Wordpress Site 2

Click Web Disk in CPanel and enable it:

From figure above, Web Disk has been activated.

Step 2: Access Web Disk from Computer

Click "Access Web Disk" and Choose which OS you use. In Windows 7, to access Web Disk, follow this instruction:

  • From the desktop, click on Start and then Computer.
  • Then, click Map Network Drive.
  • Click Next on the Welcome to the Add Network Location Wizard.
  • From that screen, click Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures, and then click Next.
  • Click Choose a Custom Network Location, and then click Next.
  • Enter the information of Web Disk link in the Internet or Network Address Field text box: (Exampel:
  • Enter your Web Disk username and password when the system prompts you.

Or, you can directly download the .vbs quick start script provided from Cpanel. The Z Drive (or what you define) will appear as Network Drive in your Windows Explorer and accesable.

Step 3: Use Filezilla to Migrate from FTP to Web Disk

  • Connect to Wordpress site 1 with FTP Credential and open the folder you want to migrate (ex.: /wp-content/uploads/
  • Open Web Disk of Wordpress site 2 and open destination folder to store:

Right column is source images folders from Wordpress Site 1 (with FTP) and left column is destination images folders from Wordpress Site 2 (with Web Disk).

Just click the folders and click Download. Just wait and drink cup of coffee while waiting.**