Looking for good provider to handle @domain.com email with good price even free and reliable? Zoho Mail is best option. Since Gmail or MS Outlook does not offer free service anymore for handling email with @domainname.com, Zoho is best alternative.

People who uses Nginx stacks as web server such as Centminmod or because security reasons blocking email service from panel, separating email from server is good choice. We can point the email service for domain with using third party providers.

Zoho Mail has free service option that offers 5GB mailbox and 10 users for every domain. Also, if you want to upgrade to Paid Option, Zoho service is very cheap. Only pay $2.5 / monthly you may have multiple domain emails with quota 10 GB/users. Very cheap and reliable, compared with other providers who offers the same service more than $5 / monthly.

Let's rock to create @domainname email. Here I demonstrate how to create email for my domain harjasaputra.com:

# Weapons to use
1. Cloudflare service or DNS editor from Control Panel
2. Email service (ex. Gmail or Yahoo Mail to register)
3. Cup of tea and cigarette

Register to Zoho mail via https://www.zoho.com/mail/login.html

# Click Get Started link
# Click which option to use: Free or Paid option

# I choose here Free option, click Sign Up:
# A dialog box will show:

# In "Add domain column" insert domain name
# Fill datas required in registration form: First Name, Last Name, Email address from domain.com you want to register, pasword, email address during registration, and fill recaptcha. 
# After that, fill the required information on step by step column and follow the instructions.
# Zoho mail will instruct to insert verification code you should input to DNS. Then, open cloudflare and copy code from zoho and insert to DNS Cloudflare:

# Create TXT method inside Cloudflare and input the code from zoho verification.
# Create MX and SPF, see figure

# Your Email service had already available and you could test to send email.

# One step again, and this is important, after test email, Go To Control Panel (at right top side):

# Click "Org Setting" and "DomainKeys"

 # Copy code "TXT Record Name", and insert to Cloudflare DNS:

The domainkey is very usefull in order to avoid our email being detected as spam when we send email.

Finish, congratulation you have email address with domainnames.com (or other TLD domain). You can add other email address @domainname.com inside zoho mail and send the letters to the world.