Here I would like to share how to monitor server and domain status with BETA service. Although Beta service but nixstats is awesome: able to display server and domain status in a realtime page.

Register to

Register to and follow the instructions.

Note: Fill BETA in the Invitation code

Then click to My Server > Add server > Copy the code (see figure):

Input Code to SSH

Open SSH Client apps and paste the code:

Wait for couple minutes to activate then the server will show up in the list. If it has already active, nixstats will show the graphical usage of server:

Creating Page

Now create page to show the status of server in web format:

  • Click Status Page menu > Create page
  • Choose server and domain name from list to be shown in page
  • Input title
  • Fill page address in "Custom Hostname" column, ex: (change domain to yours)
  • Now click "Create page"

Here I use Cloudflare for DNS editor. Click DNS menu in cloudflare and insert hostname:

Now please clear cache from Caching menu > Purge Everything.

Finish, your status page is now active. You can access from browser: Ex