Nextcloud is like dropbox, open source, and competitor of owncloud. Based on fact, Nextcloud founded by co-founder Owncloud.

Installing Nextcloud in Plesk Onyx is very easy, just like we install Wordpress or others.

  • Create domain or subdomain in Plesk.
  • For easy installation choose Apache instead of Nginx.
  • From PHP Manager choose PHP 7.0, or PHP 5.6.
  • Download Nextcloud latest stable version from
    Official Nextcloud site.
  • Extract from file manager or from shell command line.
  • Create database from Database Menu in client interface.
  • Open browser and type the address of your domain or subdomain, ex.
  • Follow installation wizard: insert username and password, and database credential we created before.
  • For security reason, install Lets Encrypt SSL from Plesk menu to secure Nextcloud.
  • Finish and now you have your own cloud file server.