Yes, my blog ( uses domain with extention .xyz. What are my reasons to use it? Well, these are my humble opinions.

Firstly, as mentioned from its domain name, .xyz domain is for all generations: for Generation X (old man), generation Y (semi-old man), and generation Z (young generation).

Refer to official .xyz website ( said that:

"We created .xyz to connect Generations X, Y, and Z and to provide choice to internet users around the world".

Secondly, the sound of .xyz in my ear is sound of "rebellion", anti-mainstream, compared to domain .com that very mainstream. Of course, .xyz is more easy to pronounce and easy to remember because contains the lasts alphabetical structure.

Thirdly, domain .xyz becomes more popular after Larry Page (one of Google founder) announced Alphabet company with domain

Why Larry Page choosed domain .xyz? Ask him..LoL. I think just because a way to adapt with philosophy of company: alphabet, and the domain name represents to its philosophy is only .xyz because consisted from also alphabets. You think so?

Let's go back to basic common formula: "The content is king". Whatever your domain, the important things are contents.**